While I am the Senior Pastor of First Christian Church of Versailles, everything here is my personal opinion and is not read or approved in advance. In fact, many people in my congregation disagree with me from time to time and I think that’s appropriate. We don’t expect uniformity, just unity on the essential topic that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, and we should follow Him. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else but myself.

4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. I agree, great disclaimer. I found you because I am thinking of starting a blog and I was going to call it, “Small Town Pastor.” I felt like it was a cool name. Looks like you beat me to it by several years. Do you have any tips on starting a blog?

    • Post regularly. Doesn’t have to be daily but people won’t come back if there’s not something there on a regular basis. Link your blog to other social media. Have fun. If it feels like it has become a chore, then I take a break. Let me know when your’s is up so I can read it. God bless!

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