Corporate Worship Fulfills a Specific Purpose

Much more than a longstanding tradition, music fulfills a specific, God-ordained purpose in worship: it proclaims God’s power, presence and Word–preparing the hearts of His people to receive Him.

4 Major Parts

1. The coming In: This is the time when we literally and figuratively set ourselves apart from the world.  We sing at the beginning of the worship service because music and musicians were created to precede the power, presence, and Word of God.  We sing as we separate ourselves from the world in order to prepare our hearts to encounter His presence.  We also pray and read Scripture.  The coming in is our opportunity to fully turn our attention to the Lord.

2. The table of the Lord: This is a visible reminder of God’s sacrifice in Jesus Christ that brings our entire focus back to Him, inspiring further worship and proclamation of His gospel.

3. The proclamation of the Word: This is when teaching and preaching from the written Word of God helps us to grasp the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice and His promises to those who believe.  Music was created to illustrate the Word, not replace it.

4. The going out: We have separated ourselves for a time to receive the table and the Word.  Now it is time for us to take that Word back into our homes, schools, offices, and neighborhoods.