Why is Prayer so Hard?

Why is prayer so hard? Why don’t Christians and the Church take prayer as seriously as the early Church? Why don’t we want to gather together as a body and honestly ask and believe God to answer our prayers? After all, the Church was born in a prayer meeting in the upper room. Why has the privilege of personal and corporate prayer become so unattractive to Christians?

I think our level of expectation for God to truly answer or intervene is low. Do we really believe that God answers prayers that move mountains?

Can you imagine what a church body that met regularly and sought the face of God with a humble and contrite heart would look like? Throughout the Bible, God encourages us to embrace the power of prayer to change everything in our lives.

See 1 John 5:14-15 and Matthew 6:6.

If we believe that these biblical texts are true, then why is prayer, both personal and corporate, not of vital importance in our lives?

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