Why Are American Churches Struggling?

There are many reasons for sure but here are a few we can do something about.

First, God’s people have become self-centered rather than God-centered. For generations, American churches have taught their people that the measure of a great worship service is whether they enjoyed it. They rarely consider whether their worship actually honors God. They sing songs they like, dress according to their tradition or comfort, and measure their experience by what they got out of it. For years, the church has taught its people to be self-centered and now it’s reaping what it sowed.

Second, the Church is seeking to attract people rather than transform them. Our question should not be, “What message will draw people into the door.” But rather it should be “what message properly presents God’s heart?”

The church blames secular society, spiritual warfare, Hollywood, Washington, or the media. But it does nto believe it has departed from God.

What’s the remedy?

First, reject a Christian cultural upbringing and embrace true discipleship in every day life which is anything but self-centered.

Second, focus less on pleasing people and more on pleasing God.

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