To Grow Closer to Christ…

I want to grow closer to Christ daily but the “grind” of life often works against that. I must continue to work hard at:

Living in Awe. We are created to appreciate the wonders of the world. Isaiah 29:14, “Therefore once more I will asound these people with wonde rafter wonder.” I live in awe, to never get over what God can and will do. I never get over God’s love for me. I never get over the love that sent Jesus to the cross to die for me. I never get over the beauty and wonder of the world God created. I never get over that God invited me to be a partner in building His Kingdom.

Living in tune. God invites us to His throne of grace to talk and listen. When I listen, when I live in tuen with Christ, we grow closer.

Living in the Spirit. We become the home of God Himself as His Spirit comes to dwell in us. In His word we find that the Holy Spirit is our Advocate (John 14:26), Comforter (14:16), Truth (16:13), freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17), peace (1 John 4:4) and our power (Acts 1:18).

Living in gratitude. One of the hardest commands in the Bible is “Give thanks in everything for this is God’s will for you…(I Thessalonias 5:18).” Paul reinforces it in Ephesians 5:20. How is this possible?

When I give thanks, even during difficult times, three things begin to happen. A. My focus changes. I see Jesus more than the cirumstances. I remember His love and sacrifice. B. Then my faith expands. I remember that I can trust Him. C. Doors open. When I say thank you, it is as though I hand God a key to open doors of acceptance, understanding, and opportunity for God, to His good work in and through me.

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