God Does Not Look at Me from a Distance

God does not look at me from a distance. If He did, I might hide myself in the shadows or under covers. But He is here, close by my side–and not BY me only–but IN me. He is within this heart, where these lungs breathe.

God is here: within this mouth, in this tongue, in these eyes, in each of us who call Him Lord, God dwells. He is within you, and around you; He is beside you, and behind, and in front.

God sees everything. You can see God everywhere. God is working everywhere with eyes open.

God sees everything and more particularly God sees me!  He sees you as much as if there were nobody else in the world for Him to look at. My attention is divided when I look at a sea of faces. But the infinite mind of God is able to grasp a million objects at once and yet to focus as much as on one as if there were nothing else.

God sees you with all His eyes, with the whole of His sight–YOU! YOU are the particular object of His attention at every moment, at this very moment.

God sees you entirely. He does not merely note your actions and appearance. God sees what you are thinking; He looks within.

God sees you constantly, entirely, with undivided attention.

1 thought on “God Does Not Look at Me from a Distance

  1. Bette Midler sings the song “From a Distance”, seeking to make the point that the world and God’s view of it are much larger than our differences, disagreements, and divides “here below” look to us; that we are one with a shared humanity in a world community, and if only we could see ourselves as part of that  bigger harmonious reality, as God does, we would stop the hating and the warring.

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