It’s Hard for Jesus to be the Hero of our Story when We’re so Busy being the Hero

For many Christians Jesus ceases to really be their hero. Instead they feel a part of a faith community (tribe) and mentally assent to who Jesus is and what He’s done, but there’s no heartfelt reality and application of the Gospel until they experience a real sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

God is always with us, but sometimes we don’t sense His presence in our lives because we’re so busy with our own decisions, solutions, and plans. That’s why it often takes a crisis to get us face to face with God.

God often brings us or lets us get to a place of helplessness because He wants us to let go and let God. He wants to be our Hero who comes in and saves the day. All we have to do is let Him do what He does so well.

Heaven rules in spite of the situation you face. The problem is not yours. The battle is the Lord’s.

Fire and Brimestone Sermons

Fire and brimstone sermons are rarely preached anymore. Why? Has God changed or were they inappropriate then as they are now? Some argue that they use fear of hell as a motivation to follow Christ rather than the love-based motivation of God’s love and grace. Which God would you rather follow?

Perhaps many preachers presented it that way but God has not changed. We follow and trust a God who is a consuming fire and loving.

We prepare for the severe side of nature–why ignore the severe aspect of God? When a man builds his house or ship strongly to withstand the elements we do not say he is a victim of fear. Instead, we say he is prudent.

Likewise, when I appeal to the severity of God–to His fire, His sword–I am not preaching mere terrors of the Lord to move people by alarm rather than by love. I am simply being faithful to the facts–I am reminding you that God is not less complete than the season He made. I am asking you in the summer of His mercies not to forget the winter of His judgment.

Happiness as by-product of Hope

Many people think they’ll be happy when something good happens to them. But it’s actually not the case necessarily. Good things tend to happen to those who are already happy. Isn’t it truer that a happy person will create a happy marriage, rather than become happy through a good marriage.

Happiness is putting the cart before the horse. Real happiness, the kind that comes from God, can only be found when we have hope–the anticipation that something good is coming. It’s the happy feeling we get when we think about the good things God has planned for our future, especially in the context of His plans for a redeemed world.