9 Reasons Why “Daily Quiet Times with God” are Painful Blessings

Since college I have tried (mostly successfully but not perfectly) having a “Daily Quiet Time” with God. I try to sit quietly, pray, read a little Scripture and journal.  It’s not always easy.

Why DQTs are painful:

  1. It teaches me discipline…daily!
  2. It forces me to prioritize God first.
  3. By praying daily I’m confronted with the concerns that are on-going, not easily answered. God rarely, if ever, gives instant results.

But they are a blessing.

Why DQTs are a blessing:

  1. I get to spend time with the Creator of the universe!
  2. It makes me feel loved in His presence.
  3. I learn more about God and myself.
  4. Sometimes I realize God answer prayers.
  5. I’m learning patience and perseverance.
  6. I receive strength for the coming day.

1 thought on “9 Reasons Why “Daily Quiet Times with God” are Painful Blessings

  1. There are two key strategies to help keep quiet time in your daily walk as it absolutely needs to be. The first is to make a set daily time for your QT. Be realistic about this and start easy. I have a few friends who tried to jump into 90-minute daily prayer times starting at 5:00 AM. That lasted about a day. It is good to be excited and ready to devote some time each day for this, but you have to be realistic with how your schedule is and how your habits are today. I say for just starting out, wake up 15 minutes earlier (set your alarm for 25 minutes earlier because we all know you are going to hit that snooze button at first), get on the floor and do as many push ups as you can to get the blood flowing, kneel by your bed, and read a chapter or two of scripture. Then write about it and pray about what you just read. Giving a few minutes in the morning to the most important relationship you will ever have is not only a good idea, but is the only way you will grow as a man with Christ. Having a morning QT also sets the tone for the whole day, gets your mind on God and honoring Him with your life right at the start, and gives you time throughout the day to reflect on the key lesson you learned from your morning reading. It sparks little changes in your behavior and attitude that will gradually transform you into a stronger and wiser man.

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