9 Reasons Why “Daily Quiet Times with God” are Painful Blessings

Since college I have tried (mostly successfully but not perfectly) having a “Daily Quiet Time” with God. I try to sit quietly, pray, read a little Scripture and journal.  It’s not always easy.

Why DQTs are painful:

  1. It teaches me discipline…daily!
  2. It forces me to prioritize God first.
  3. By praying daily I’m confronted with the concerns that are on-going, not easily answered. God rarely, if ever, gives instant results.

But they are a blessing.

Why DQTs are a blessing:

  1. I get to spend time with the Creator of the universe!
  2. It makes me feel loved in His presence.
  3. I learn more about God and myself.
  4. Sometimes I realize God answer prayers.
  5. I’m learning patience and perseverance.
  6. I receive strength for the coming day.

God Wants to Meet Us in the Valley

In the midst of suffering or grief I turn to the only place I will find lasting hope and purpose. God wants to meet in that valley and He promises to. I go to Him and recite His words in my heart that I will be transformed.

  1. God is with me every step of the way (Psalm 23:4).
  2. Even when I can’t go on, God is my strength (Psalsm 73:26).
  3. God will bring the healing I need (I Peter 5:10).
  4. Suffering isn’t meaningless (2 Corinthians 4:17).
  5. In the pain, Christ is gain (Philippians 3:8).
  6. In the hardest moments, God is fighting for us (Isaiah 43:2).
  7. There is a purpose to pain even if we never know what is clearly (Romans 8:28).
  8. In the end “all sad things are untrue (Tolkien)” (Revelation 21:4).

Grandma Sophie’s Legacy

Isaiah 46:4, “The Lord says, ‘I am He who will sustain you.'”

My grandma Sophie barely finished eighth grade. She never learned how to drive and never worked for a living. Her husband died young. She had poor health a good portion of her life. She lost one baby boy early in his life. She knew heart ache.

More importantly she knew her Lord and God. I vividly remember her retreating to her room to pray (she lived with us). This sacred time revealed her loving, trusting relationship with God. Grandma Sophie spent that time with her best friend not only sharing what was on her mind but quiet time listening with her heart. How many victories did her prayer life win? Too many to count…

My grandmother is a reminder of God’s promise, clearly spoken through the prophet Isaiah. God never abandoned her, nor will He any of us.

Join God’s Adventure

Sometimes the Spirit speaks clearer and louder to us than other times. Those times typically correlate with how much time we’ve been spending with Him and depending on Him.

So it’s crucial when we are prompted by the Spirit to talk to someone, help someone, serve somewhere, WHATEVER IT IS, that we do it! When we don’t, we’re not depending on God and that prompting will be a little less clear next time. When we do depend on God we join God’s adventure to see what He’s going to do THROUGH US and it will be clearer next time.

A Difference Between the Crowds and Disciples

The disciples heard Jesus’ public teaching just as the crowds did. The difference was that the disciples weren’t content with just hearing him teach and seeing his miracles. As awe-inspiring as all that was, when the opportunity came, they said “yes” to the intimate personal relationships with him, relationships that changed the trajectory of their entire lives…and of the world.

John 1:38-39a, “Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, ‘What do you want?’ They said, ‘Rabbi’ (which means ‘Teacher’), ‘where are you staying?’ ‘Come,’ he replied, ‘and you will see.’