3 of the Most Common Leadership Weaknesses

  1. Lack of Trust…which manifests itself through (1) micromanagement; (2) lack of transparency; (3) lack of risk; (4) lack of creativity/spontaneity.
  2. The need to be liked…which manifests itself through (1) making popular decisions instead of right ones; (2) surrounding yourself with people who only say yes; (3) over avoidance of conflict; (4) indeciciveness; (5) emotional decision-making.
  3. Stagnancy…which manifests itself through (1) seldom seeking out constructive improvement; (2) asking for constructive improvement without any intention to act upon suggestions; (3) risk avoidance; (4) fear of the new.

These weaknesses can all be traced back to pride or fear. When pride is in the way we’ll have “greater than” thoughts about ourselves and when fear is manifesting itself we will display “lesser than” thoughts. It’s when we understand the WHY behind our weaknesses and commit to dealing with their root causes that we’ll be able to overcome it by God’s grace.

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