Moral Living is not why Jesus Died

It bothers me to believe that God would localize salvation in one solitary person–in Jesus. But that’s what the Scriptures plainly say. There’s no way of getting around that without gutting the Scriptures. I’ve looked for a loophole. None exists.

Even today, I prefer to talk about the tragedy of people living and dying without knowing Jesus, rather than to get near the subject of the eternal consequences. Deep down in my heart, I know the truth of the matter–without Jesus people are in serious trouble. Believing that is the only reason I would ever consider giving my entire life to the ministry of Christ.  Not believing it is why so many pastors and leaders can spend all their time in struggling churches playing nursemaid to a bunch of spiritual pygmies. They have no urgency to share the Good News. They don’t believe that people’s eternal destinies hang in the balance.  Since Jesus isn’t the only hope to the world to them, Christianity is a way of living morally rather than a life and death issue.

There’s nothing wrong with moral living; it should be the outcome of any legitimate faith. But moral living is not why Jesus died. Jesus died to save everyone from their sin. To not believe that guts any form of urgency to give one’s life to spread the Good News.

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