Doubt is the Prelude to Knowledge

We are born questioners. The child’s great word is “why?” That is the curiosity and doubt in the nature of humanity. It is inevitable. It is not to be crushed. Doubt is the prelude to knowledge.

The instrument with which we attempt to investigate truth is impaired. Prejudice, heredity, sin have spoiled its sight. Even the strongest minds are inadequate to the task of knowing all truths.

All religious truths are doubtable. Even that fundamental truth–the existence of God–cannot be proven by reason alone. God is experienced, not just conjured up through reason.

So what? This should teach us intellectual humility. It teaches us sympathy and toleration with all who venture upon the ocean of truth. Let us not think evil of those who do not see like us. Let us take them by the hand and spend time leading them to the true light.

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