Why Do We Sing Songs in Worship?

How many people know why hymns (or any songs) are sung in worship? And more importantly, how many of them are prepared to sing in a way that will delight the Lord?

The outward command to worship comes from God himself, whose very nature demands our praise. The inner compulsion emerges from hearts full of gratitude and love toward God.

God initiated worship. If He had not first revealed Himself to His people throughout history, we would not know who He is, what He has done, or how He is to be worshiped. You see, God acted first. This idea is symbolized in corporate worship when a “worship leader” issues a call from God to worship Him. God is there before the worshipers arrive, waiting to invite them into His presence.

Worship is two-sided. God acts first, then humanity answers. God reveals, then humanity responds. Worship can never be a passive observation of the pastor and choir/praise team. Worshipers are not spectators, but are active participants working in their service of praise.

Worship is an action word. It is an activity that requires preparation, attention, understanding, and exertion. The goal isn’t for us to get something out of it. God is supposed to get something out of the service; songs are to be sung for God’s enjoyment.

Why do you worship?

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Sing Songs in Worship?

  1. I like worship because it draws me into God’s presence and I feel uniquely close to Him in a way that no other single action I might take can do. It is so utterly intimate and one-on-one, yet at the same time it can be amazingly communal when done within the Body context. I love the imagery of singing a love song to my Beloved Father. Nothing like it!

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