Praying in Every Day Mission

One way to declare the gospel is to pray publicly WITH those in our mission field when they have shared a concern that needs divine help. To share the gospel without killing the relationship, prayer is one practically helpful and God-honoring answer. Why? Prayer is perceived as a means of honor. If nothing else, it’s perceived as a thoughtful gesture. Pausing to show concern helps them feel valued.

If praying with someone once is meaningful, following up is even more meaningful.

There are three opportunities common to everyone to declare truth through prayer, even with those who don’t yet believe: 1) Praise and thankgiving; 2) Tragedy and joy; 3) Need and direction.

Prayer isn’t simply a tool for mission. Prayer is an act of obedience, a display of reliance, and a means by which God displays His power. Prayer is vital for Christian life. Prayer is primarily about God, and that fact gives us boldness to pray, no matter who is in our midst.

Invite People into Your Lives Before You Invite Them to "Church"

Don’t invite people to church as much as invite them into your lives. That’s a lot harder to do and takes vulnerability, generosity, and hospitality. It’s easier to keep people at an arm’s length; to invite them to an event instead of dinner; to keep our lives pretty.

The generous outpouring of life on a cross took great sacrifice. But Jesus was willing to disply the ultimate generosity for the sake of others. As we sacrifice (far less than Jesus did), as we bless, serve, spend money and time on others; as we bring the best food, drink, music and “life,” we display gospel generosity. If we invite people into our life let’s show them the time of their lives.