Integrating Ministy/Mission into Everyday Life

What’s the difference between Jesus and us?

First, we’re not God!

Second, Jesus integrated ministry and mission into everyday life, while nearly everyone else we know doesn’t. We compartmentalize ministry into certain times and activities, separate from the rest of our lives. If we’re not careful, “mission” is relegated to a time slot that is scheduled. But if a co-worker asks to hang out, we make up an excuse and take a rain check. This mindset rejects the fact that we are missionaries and demotes “mission” to something we merely do then stop doing in order to do something else.

What’s the solution to compartmentalized, overly busy mission in the midst of our compartmentalized, overly busy lives? From rich to poor, from doctor to fisherman, jesus integrated people, life, ministry, and mission. He redeemed the everyday, normal moments of His life and used them for God’s mission.

What things do you do everyday of the week? What events do you attend every month of the year? There are normal, ordinary, sometimes even boring moments in our lives that can be redeemed for God’s mission.

  • We eat about 21 meals/week.
  • Many commute to work/school
  • You might play in your yard or take a stroll around the block
  • You watch TV!
  • You go the gym, get your air cut
  • You have hobbies: movies, music, hiking, baking, gaming
  • You go shopping

Each of these moments are chances to weave mission into everyday activities. Each day is filled with orginary moments or activities.

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