Four Actions that Jesus Did Often

  1. Walking: Much of Jesus’ time was spent on the road. The disciples argued, asked questions, stopped to rest, served Jesus and argued some more. Many of Jesus’ stories happened as he walked.
  2. Working: Jesus spent much time doing “nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the father doing” (John 5:19). In teaching, healing, defending himself, performing miracles, raising from the dead, and correcting misperceptions Jesus displayed and declared restoration, new life, and love.
  3. Eating/Drinking: (Especially in Luke’s gospel) we see Jesus eat with tax collectors, sinners, and prostitutes; with the 4,000 and 5,000; with the religious elite and the poor; with his disciples. And let’s not forget his first miracle! Meals, water, and wine were also the subject of some of his parables. Much of Jesus’ ministry and significant events in his life occurred in the context of food and drink.
  4. Praying: Both publicly and privately Jesus prayed often. We see him praying early in the morning, late at night, in front of many people, and with a few. The Son of God spent a lot of time with the Father.

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