Living Out My Identity in Christ

I’m a big believer in that most of the decisions we make comes out of the identity we’ve accepted about ourselves. For me, I live a much healthier, wiser, more productive and loving life when I’m living out of my identity in Christ.

During my sabbatical last summer I sat down and for five minutes just wrote down how I needed to see myself. This is what I came up for this season of my life:

  1. I’m a child of the King, given full authority and I love to spend time with the Father.
  2. I am a healthy person, capable of exercising and eating healthy.
  3. I am a missionary servant who disciples others.
  4. I am a good husband and father who seeks to serve and love my family.
  5. I am in desperate need of God’s help to live out this identity!

Lord, help me do this for your glory so that I can sustain and grow in my ministry so that others will know You and grow ever deeper in love with You.

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