3 Excuses to Living on Mission Every Day

  1. Politeness: It’s a greatly needed trait in our world today unless it slips into people-pleasing.
  2. Introversion: Introverts make great missionaries! They may have fewer conversations than extroverts, but those they have are usually deep. They tend to be good listeners.
  3. Shyness: Shy people need to discover a point of connection, like a common interest or shared acquaintance or something to focus on like a project or activity.

Introverts, go make a disciple. One at a time if that’s what it takes. Shy? Take your time and give yourself grace. Polite? Great! Just make sure you fear God more than man.

2 thoughts on “3 Excuses to Living on Mission Every Day

  1. Great thoughts! Sometimes introverts appear to others as though they are not missional, but it can also be that their style of living on mission simply looks different than the extrovert’s more apparent methods. More subtle may appear to be sitting immobile while making excuses. I’m glad God was creative about placing all sorts of us in the world to do His work through us!

    • Yes definitely! I have more to say about introverts and living on mission soon. The reality is that introverts actually can go deeper than most extroverts who are very surface level. So I would not say that either one is necessarily “better” at sharing their faith.

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