The “Perspecuity” of Scripture

The “clarity” or “perspecuity” of Scripture is a seldom-taught doctrine that stipulates that the main things we need to know, believe, and do can be clearly seen in the Bible. That which is necessary for salvation can be understood even by the uneducated, provided that they make use of study and learning. The Bible may not be understood perfectly, but it can be known sufficiently.

This doctrine is under constant attack. There is a lot at stake.

1. The gift of human language is at stake. Some say, “We can’t fully define God with human language.” Of course that’s true in a way. But can God be described truthfully even if not exhaustively? YES!

2. The gift of human freedom is at stake. This doctrine recognizes that individuals have responsibility and ability to interpret Scripture for themselves, yet not apart from community or without attention to history and tradition.

3. What God is like is at stake. Without this doctrine you have to wonder: Is the Bible only for pastors and priests? Do you need to be a scholar to really understand God’s word? NO!


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