What Should I FEEL about the Word of God?


1. I ought to delight in it (vs. 14, 24, 47, 70, 77). It is sweet like honey (vs. 10b), the joy of his heart (vs. 111), and positively wonderful (vs. 129). The Bible can be dull at times, but taken as a whole it is the greatest story ever told, and those who know it best are usually those who delight in it the most.

2. I ought to desire it (vs. 5, 10, 17, 20, 40, 131). The psalmist so desired the Word of God that he considered suffering to be a blessing in his life if it helped him become more obedient to God’s commands.

3. We ought to depend on it. We are desperate for the encouragement found in God’s promises and rules (vs. 50, 52).

What we believe and feel about the Word of God are absolutely crucial, if for no other reason than that they should mirror what we believe and feel about Jesus. Jesus believed unequivocally all that was written in the Scriptures. If we are to be his disciples, we should do the same.


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