“I Like Jesus, But Not Christianity”

Many people want to grow spiritually without losing their independence to a church. That’s why I often hear, “I like Jesus, but not Christianity or churches.” Sometimes they’ve had bad experiences with churches. These people, for the most part, do want a relationship with Jesus, just not His Body or His Bride (2 metaphors that God uses for the church).

Sometimes this is understandable. I hear horror stories all the time that make me cringe and had I experienced them I, too, would be hesitant to get too involved with a church again. Some churches are unpleasant.  hey are filled with judgmental, self-righteous people. Yet, staying away, is just another form of self-righteousness.

Besides, there is no way you can grow spiritually apart from a deep involvement in a faith community. You can’t live the Christian life to its fullest potential without a family of believers for love and accountability. You can’t get to know Jesus deeper if you want nothing to do with His Body or His Bride.

Would you want to get close to someone who didn’t like you or your spouse?


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