FAQ: Will Catholics Go To Heaven?

Catholics who trust in Christ for salvation will go to heaven, just as Protestants who trust in Christ.

Catholics or Protestants or even people who are a part of my church family who trust in religion or their good works and NOT in Christ will not go to heaven.


3 thoughts on “FAQ: Will Catholics Go To Heaven?

  1. The problem with Catholicism is not Catholics, but Catholic dogma. I affirm your central point, but want to emphasize that Catholic and Protestant (Biblical) teaching on salvation are not the same. A Catholic must believe against what his church teaches to be saved; a Protestant believes what his church teaches to be saved.

  2. That is certainly true Ken. I meet Catholics all the time who reject much of their tradition’s teaching from birth control to salvation and everything in between. Of course, most of them are former Catholics. On the other side, I meet Protestants all the time who still don’t understand the gospel and are trying to earn their salvation.

  3. Truly, truly.

    I think the main problem in my congregation, and in the PCA in general (and maybe beyond) is many who think they are saved, are in fact lost.

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