We Give God Great Joy

Is it necessary? Is it useful? Does it bring joy to you? Those are questions we ask to determine what we hold on to: stuff (materials goods), relationships, and even memories. We naturally want to protect those things that bring us the most joy. We should want to preserve them and share them. Most of all, we want to experience them, because they bring delight.

From God’s viewpoint, everything He created including you and me bring Him great joy. You can find assurance in knowing that God wants to preserve and protect us.

God has already blessed, already provided

When considering and evaluating and self-reflecting on our generosity (or lack thereof), if we start from a place of guilt and obligation, it is unlikely we will find joy and gratitude.

Rather than starting with ourselves, let’s start by looking at God. Being a faithful steward and generous disciple is a response to God and what He has done, rather than serving to get a reaction from God. God has already blessed, already provided.