T of F? Right teaching=right behavior=disciple


That’s how the church operates but how’s it working?

Getting people to a place where they can nourish themselves with the Bible, through prayer, community, and other spiritual disciplines doesn’t happen just because we tell people that’s how they can nourish themselves spiritually.

Christians, for the most part, are not acting like real disciples because they aren’t making other disciples. Before we’re too harsh, the burden of that problem is the leadership. We’ve allowed that to happen. Christians need to be taught what a disciple is and what a discipleship culture looks like. It can’t happen in one hour on a Sunday morning.

Jesus taught the crowds but he apprenticed the disciples!

In Luke 9 he sends out the 12.

In Luke 10 he sends out the 72.

Then Jesus coaches them in Mark 9:17-29.

Jesus practiced living in immersion with the Twelve. There is very little that Jesus does without all or at least one disciple present.

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