Real Love (part 1)

Romans 12:9,

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

Why is “true love” so important? Isn’t love just love and you can feel it and sense it without having to define it? This is important because when we love someone it often gets distorted because of our views of good and evil and our penchant to follow the flesh rather than the Spirit.

The distress of your loved one, and their happiness, becomes yours. Therein lies the temptation to give the loved one what creates emotional joy, rather than what is best (but which may create emotional sadness or anger).

Real love is concerned about truth. Any love that is afraid to confront the beloved is not real love, but a selfish desire to be loved! This kind of selfish love is afraid to do what is right (toward God and the beloved) if it risks losing the beloved’s affection. It makes an idol out of the beloved. It says, “I’ll do anything to keep him or her loving me!” This is not loving the person. It is loving the love you get from the person. In other words, it is loving yourself more than the person. So any “love” that cuts corners morally, or fails to confront when necessary, is not really love at all.


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