10 Practical Ways Anyone Can Communicate Christ (part 3)

6. Pray for the person.  The starting point for talking to any person about Christ  is not talking to a person about God but talking to God about that person.  First, Pray specifically that God would give you natural opportunities to talk about your relationship with God.  This might happn in the form of a current news event or something happening in their family.  Second, pray that God would prepare and open their heart for that conversation.  Third, pray that God would help you open your mouth and actually have that conversation.  We need spiritual courage.  When you pray for God’s boldness, you are praying, in part, that God will help you think more about others than yourself.

7. Write a thank you letter to them.  Tell that person specific things you appreciate about them.

8. Prepare your “testimony” to fit where they are in life.  When you share your story, try to emphasize the areas that you have in common, particularly tough circumstances that God has helped you deal with.  If your friend is going through a tough illness, and you just talk about how God helped you with your divorce, that’s “OK” but not the greatest.  Try to connect them with a Christian that is going through or has gone through similar circumstances.  Look for areas that you can share that meet them where they are.

9. Lend the person a Christian book or CD.  Why lend it instead of giving it?  Because you want that person to give it back so you can ask what they thought about what they read or heard.

10. Invite the person to an appropriate Christian event.  It might be a music concert, small group, or worship service.  Whatever you think they can handle.  Some people have been burned by the church so maybe they’re not ready for a worship service but could come hang out at a Super Bowl Party sponsored by the church.  Pray about it, and ask.


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