10 Practical Ways Anyone Can Communicate Christ (part 2)

3. Be there for their good times.  Acknowledge and celebrate the good times like weddings, birthdays, accomplishments.

4. Show real interest in them.  Showing real interest in someone begins by listening.  Ask interesting questions.  As they come to trust you enough to share some of their life journey, you may find a natural opportunity to share some of yours, including the difference Jesus has made in that part of your life.

5. Pray with them.  We say to people going through tough times, “I’ll pray for you.”  Do more than say it.  Do it.  Ask permission first.  And if there are other people around you may want to wait for privacy.  But no one has ever said no to me when I’m sensitive to the situation and surroundings.

Rescue always requires involvement in the person’s life.  That’s why “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14).  Tragically, those who are already saved tend to spend most of their relationship time with others who are already in the lifeboat.  We will be in heaven with those folks forever.  But we have only a few years here on earth to help some people outside the lifeboat get to heaven (54).

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