10 Practical Ways Anyone Can Communicate Christ (part 1)

One of the things that gets my heart racing is when God gives me a unique opportunity to share my faith.  The churchy word is evangelism.  I’m not an “in your face” kind of person with my faith.  I expect God to show me the best opportunities and then I have to be faithful to take the steps that I am able to take to communicate why I think God loves all of us and why Jesus saved us from our sins.  I get frustrated when I hear that other Christians never share their faith or look for opportunities.

In Ron Hutchcraft’s book “A Life That Matters,”  he says:

It takes 2 compelling forces to get us to turn our lifeboat [Hutchcraft uses that metaphor as we seek to be faithful in helping people see how God can save them from their sin] around and begin to bring in as many as we can: the “want to” and the “how-to.”

If you care about spiritually dying people, it is because God has given you “a new heart and put a new spirit in you”; He has removed from you a “heart of stone” and given you a “heart of flesh” (Exekiel 36:26). (46)

He goes on to share 10 practical ways anyone can communicate Christ:

1. Love them in their language.  They may resist your words but it will be hard to resist our serving them.  Random acts of love and kindness are usually a bridge into even the hardest of hearts.  Serving them is their language.  Ask yourself, “What need does this person face in his/her life right now that I could help with?”

2. Be there for them during hard times.  People remember who was at the funeral, who comes to the hospital, who pitches in during an emergency.


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