Limiting Our Worship by Our Own Emotional Comfort Level

We are all creatures of habit.  Our tendency is to measure each new experience by a standard that has been established by our comfort level with previous experiences.

Our tendency as human beings is to limit ourselves AND THOSE AROUND US based on our own emotional comfort level.  As a result, worship has in many ways been relegated to a tradition, an art form, and an experience.  In reality, worship is an EXPRESSION–the unhindered expression of our response to God’s revelation.

Whether that expression is singing, playing an instrument, sculpting, painting, dancing, or signing for the hearing impaired, God delights in every sincere expression of worship.

2 thoughts on “Limiting Our Worship by Our Own Emotional Comfort Level

  1. Worship is not about man, and certainly not about his comfort level it is about God. God is the main event; in fact He is the only attraction. Corporate worship is about acknowledging God; it is about expressing our great admiration, adoration, approbation, and appreciation for the One Eternal Triune Creator Savior Sovereign. The problem with every form of contemporary worship is that it adulterates the purity and spirituality of real God-centered worship. It places man’s concerns, desires, wishes, sensitivities on equally footing with God’s desires, wishes, and commands.

    • I was with you 100% until you said, “…every form of contemporary worship is that it adulterates…” Could you be more specific? I don’t disagree with the rest but when you say EVERY then there’s no room for saying anything positive about contemporary worship. All worship was “contemporary” at one point. Is this about worship order, style of music, or what?

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