Use What God Gave You

Matthew 25:14-30

When my grandmother was old and of ill health and living with us, she still insisted on doing the laundry or at least folding the clean clothes. It was her “talent,” something she could still do.

No one has ever asked me to sing. And there’s good reason! God does not ask for talents He has not given us, but He does expect us to use talents we have.

In the Bible, a “talent” was a measure of a valuable amount of money. Today it is an ability that God has given us which is valuable to the world.

It doesn’t matter which ones we have or how many. What counts is that we use what God has given us.

If we don’t use it, we’ll lose what we have.

Living in the Kingdom is being grateful for what God has given us and having the courage to use it however we can for God’s children.

Even just folding clothes.

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