Right Timing Makes a Good Decision a Better Decision

Right timing makes a good decision a better decision.

When leaders fail to seize the moment, their leadership is undermined.  The most common reason we FAIL to seize the moment is a fear of failure.  How’s that for irony?!  In leadership there’s no such thing as zero risk.  If your mission is great, you will have to incur great risk to fulfill it.

When trying to discern the right time to take action, get feedback from your key people.  As a leader, you will experience times when fear will try to get the better of you.  But good leaders understand that ripe opportunities are never completely devoid of fear.  And they moved forward despite the hesitation they may experience.

Dear God, I recognize that You have provided a season for everything and that I fit into Your divine purpose.  I ask for discernment to understand Your timing.  Give me the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions regardless of the cost, for I don’t want to miss out on the plan You have for my life.

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