Do You Want Your Kids In Church When They Are Adults? The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Make Sure That Happens

Consistent Sunday school attendance when we’re young has direct bearing on church attendance as grown-ups.  Researcher George Barna says more than 8 in 10 adults in the U.S. claim that they had weekly religious education before age 12.  Of those, 69% now attend religious programs weekly.

Fewer adults recall regular participation as teens, with 50% of current attenders recalling at least monthly involvement in some kind of youth program.

So why wouldn’t you bring your kids to Sunday school and youth group programs?  I’m glad my kids WANT to go.  If they didn’t, then I would work on making those classes and programs better so that they would want to go.

If the survey is correct, you’ll still be seeing half those kids in 2030 that you see in the programs now.


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