Praying Constantly For Ourselves Will Come To Failure

In all the prayers of the Apostles, there was little thought of personal needs or happiness.  It was their desire to witness for Christ and bring Him and His salvation to others.

Praying constantly for ourselves will come to failure. Only in intercession for OTHERS will our faith, love, and perseverance be aroused, and the power of the Holy Spirit be found.

If we are to learn to pray properly, we must open our eyes and hearts to the needs around us.

Use What God Gave You

Matthew 25:14-30

When my grandmother was old and of ill health and living with us, she still insisted on doing the laundry or at least folding the clean clothes. It was her “talent,” something she could still do.

No one has ever asked me to sing. And there’s good reason! God does not ask for talents He has not given us, but He does expect us to use talents we have.

In the Bible, a “talent” was a measure of a valuable amount of money. Today it is an ability that God has given us which is valuable to the world.

It doesn’t matter which ones we have or how many. What counts is that we use what God has given us.

If we don’t use it, we’ll lose what we have.

Living in the Kingdom is being grateful for what God has given us and having the courage to use it however we can for God’s children.

Even just folding clothes.

I don’t want to live the Crisis/Conquest Cycle with God

Whenever there is a crisis and God prevails in our life, we praise Him, laud Him, honor Him, worship Him, give thanks for Him. We’ve all done that.

The next day the intensity subsides but is there, hope continues, and we walk humbly.

Each day after that intensity slowly turns into tepidness.

And then a crisis or circumstances force us into 911 prayer mode and we are once again delivered or, if not delivered, brought so low that the only option is to forsake God or worship Him. Passion for the things of God returns.

I don’t want to live that cycle of independence-dependence-independence-dependence. I’ve done it too many times already. To avoid it I have to put first things first and focus on who I am, in light of who God is, and what He’s done despite what I’ve done.

Right Timing Makes a Good Decision a Better Decision

Right timing makes a good decision a better decision.

When leaders fail to seize the moment, their leadership is undermined.  The most common reason we FAIL to seize the moment is a fear of failure.  How’s that for irony?!  In leadership there’s no such thing as zero risk.  If your mission is great, you will have to incur great risk to fulfill it.

When trying to discern the right time to take action, get feedback from your key people.  As a leader, you will experience times when fear will try to get the better of you.  But good leaders understand that ripe opportunities are never completely devoid of fear.  And they moved forward despite the hesitation they may experience.

Dear God, I recognize that You have provided a season for everything and that I fit into Your divine purpose.  I ask for discernment to understand Your timing.  Give me the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions regardless of the cost, for I don’t want to miss out on the plan You have for my life.

Do You Want Your Kids In Church When They Are Adults? The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Make Sure That Happens

Consistent Sunday school attendance when we’re young has direct bearing on church attendance as grown-ups.  Researcher George Barna says more than 8 in 10 adults in the U.S. claim that they had weekly religious education before age 12.  Of those, 69% now attend religious programs weekly.

Fewer adults recall regular participation as teens, with 50% of current attenders recalling at least monthly involvement in some kind of youth program.

So why wouldn’t you bring your kids to Sunday school and youth group programs?  I’m glad my kids WANT to go.  If they didn’t, then I would work on making those classes and programs better so that they would want to go.

If the survey is correct, you’ll still be seeing half those kids in 2030 that you see in the programs now.