The Harvest is Coming

On an oval track the starting positions of the runners are staggered so that the runners on the outside lanes do not have to run farther than those along the inside, but that also means onlookers can’t judge who is winning until the last stretch at the finish line.

Jesus compared the Kingdom of heaven to a field in which good seeds and weeds were both sown. When workers wanted to pull up the weeds, he said, “You can’t judge yet which is which. You must wait for the harvest.”

I wasn’t raised in the church but my children seldom miss. I know members who don’t bring their kids at all. People are all at different places in their faith journey because they had a different starting line. Help is needed, not judgment.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter what we believe and do. There is a harvest coming.  We’ll be surprised whom we meet in the Kingdom, people we never thought of, while others will be missing. But that judgment belongs to God alone, not us.

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