Our Confidence is in God’s Character

What confidence do we have that God will continue loving me if I cannot do everything He requires? Our confidence, the Apostle Paul says, should not be in our accomplishments but in God’s character.

We know this by…

#1 God’s Past Faithfulness: God’s love is based on something in God’s heart not our heart. The chosen people of Israel were not chosen because of something in them. They were not more holy, more numerous, or more distinguished than any other nation. See Deuteronomy 7:6-7; 9:5-7.

What is the result of this faithfulness? Praise, praise, praise at the amazing plan of God.

Even the trials and difficulties of our lives do not undermine God’s ultimate plan–we cannot help but praise Him.

Even when we have failed, even when our sin is apparent, the purposes of God do not go away. The lines of God connect the events of the past, the events of our lives, and the experiences of others, so that all might be to the praise of His glory.

#2 God’s Present Faithfulness: Paul uses the present tense to say that God “works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.” God’s plan is for the present age, our time, right now.  God’s plan is true and applies to us.

What a difference it makes in my life and yours when we believe that the trials as well as the accomplishments, the difficulties as well as the joys, are not simply the by-products of brute forces in the universe but actually are all part of God’s eternal plan for His glory and our good.

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