2 Benefits of God’s Rule

#1 He will unite all things (Ephesians 1:10)

The purposes of God are our purposes. So we are to be active reconcilers. We are to be working past our differences so that the unity provided by the gospel is present in our relationships. Sustained animosity is never an option.

At the church level we need to be committed to racial reconciliation, seeking to overcome socioeconomic barriers, political/educational differences, regional prejudices, and theological pride. We want to be what God purposed in Christ.

At every level this means that we seek to find ways to bridge differences, to overlook faults, and to confront weaknesses that limit our love. For we understand that if we cannot love the unlovely or desire reconciliation with those who have sinned against us, then we have no credibility in speaking the gospel to the world.

#2 He will head all things (Ephesians 1:10b)

Not only is the purpose to unite all things, but to submit all things to Christ’s lordship. It is our purpose to be involved in redeeming the whole of life for the glory of Christ. We refuse to compartmentalize the secular away form the claims of Christ. Abraham Kuyper said, “There is not one square inch  of this world over which Jesus does not stand and say, ‘This is mine, mine, mine.'”

Therefore we believe that the influence of the Savior is rightly expressed throughout culture in the arts, business, government, education, science, and all of society; and those who are united to Him are to be salt and light for Him in every place.


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