Ephesians 1:5,6: “He predestined us…through Jesus Christ.”

Predestination was never meant to be a doctrinal club used to batter people’s acknowledgements of God’s sovereignty. Rather, the message of God’s love preceding our accomplishments and outlasting our failures was meant to give us a profound sense of confidence and security in God’s love so that we will not despair in situations of great difficulty, pain, and shame.


One thought on “Predestination

  1. True. One thing I never saw in predestination till a few years ago when I heard John Piper on it is that, in addition to being a doctrine of profound comfort, it is also a doctrine of challenge to live for God –because nothing can befall us that is outside his fatherly hand. Interestingly enough, he was echoing John Wesley’s sentiment, “I am immortal till my work is done.”

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