How To Engage in Meaningful Worship

For many people, attending worship is full of frustration and distraction:  “We are running late!  Hurry up!” or “The sermon was way too long!” or “What should we do for lunch and the rest of our day?” Worship is an invitation by God, not an obligation. It’s not about meeting “my needs” but about shaping my soul. I would like to make your corporate worship more meaningful by suggesting a few acts of preparation:

  1. Create margin.  It’s hard to focus on worship when you’re running late and you’re tired. We have to get to worship with the right attitude. We should go to bed early enough to get enough sleep so that we can get up early enough to get ready with time to spare. Time margin is necessary to create heart margin.
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. That will allow you to visit with friends or make new ones perhaps. More importantly it will give you a chance to take a deep breath and remember why you’re there.
  3. Come with holy expectancy. That phrase comes from Richard Foster and he recommends beginning worship with a simple prayer: “Spirit, speak to me.  Jesus, teach me. Father, let me experience your love and power.”
  4. Commit to applying one thing. Just as worship begins in holy expectancy it should end in holy obedience. So pay attention during the service so that by the time you leave you can answer, “What does God want me to do as a result of this time spent in worship?”

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