The Cry of Prayer is a Cry of Faith

Some say that “true prayer” is about quiet and contemplation, implying that the more spiritual you are, the more calm and composed you will be. Not true. Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 1 is a prayer that God answer and far from the above description.

It contains:

  • deep anguish (vs. 10)
  • bitter weeping (vs. 10)
  • misery (vs. 11)
  • being deeply troubled (vs. 15)
  • great anguish and grief (vs. 16)

If you’ve ever prayed with those emotions, then you are in good company. Prayer is not a technique to master! It is “pouring out (your) soul to the Lord” (vs. 15).

We seldom pray because we think we can manage without God. They are done out of duty, one option on a busy day. Prayer was not an option or a duty to Hannah!

The cry of prayer is a cry of faith. It arises from the belief that God is a father who is powerful enough (able) and loving enough (willing) to answer.


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