Are We Too Sleepy To Fight With Spiritual Weapons?

In Matthew 26:40-46, Jesus prays 3 times, “Father let this cup pass from me.”  3 times God says no.

Neither our prayers nor our faith are weak merely because God says “no” to our requests.  We are called to pray like Jesus but typically wind up praying like Peter.

3 times Jesus returns to the inner 3 friends; 3 times he finds them sleeping.  He singles out Peter because he had just boasted he would die for him.  And in just a few minutes he will draw his sword.

Conclusion: Peter is willing to fight with a physical sword for Jesus but too sleepy to fight with spiritual weapons.  Are we?

One thought on “Are We Too Sleepy To Fight With Spiritual Weapons?

  1. This is a good question, Marcus, and strikes me particularly as I got a glimpse just yesterday of my brother-in-law’s battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). He has laid down the physical weapons–medical treatment that cannot offer a cure–and taken up a shield of faith and a sword of the Word of God. He speaks of living into his healing–holding onto hope for a temporal miracle out of his conviction to not lose faith in healing for today–but acknowledging and accepting that the eternal healing of his redemption in Christ is the truest hope and faith of all.

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