Some Sobering Statistics on Girls

I posted this four years ago as my daughter, Reagan, was beginning high school. I am so proud of how she has done academically, socially, and spiritually. Not that it was always easy. She had her share of trials. I am not taking credit for her success. I give God praise but also realize that the fact that she had two loving parents gave her better odds at success.

Meg Meeker’s Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know (click that link and get the book for about $10) has some statistics that have haunted me and I thought I’d share:

  • 40.9% of girls 14-17yo experience unwanted sex, primarily because they fear that their boyfriends will get angry.
  • 11.5% of females in high school attempted suicide last year.
  • 27.8% of high school students drank alcohol before age 13.
  • Toddlers securely attached to fathers are better at solving problems.
  • Girls whose fathers provide warmth and control achieve higher academic success.
  • Girls who are close to their fathers exhibit less anxiety and withdrawn behaviors.
  • Girls with doting fathers are more assertive.
  • A daughter’s self-esteem is best predicted by her father’s physical affection.
  • Girls with good fathers are less likely to flaunt themselves to seek male attention.
  • Girls defer sexual activity if their parents disapprove it, and they are less likely to be sexually active if they disapprove of birth control.

Meeker goes on to say,

Even if you think the 2 of you operate on different planes, even if you worry that time spent with her shows no measurable results, even if you doubt you are having a meaningful impact on her, the clinical fact is that you are giving your daughter the greatest of gifts.


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