Give Me Unyielding Passion for the Lost

One of the essential tasks for every Christian is the arduous search for those who have lost their way (for whatever reason). Most don’t even know they’re lost until it’s too late.

If we are truly anguished for the lost then we will be praying passionately and acting with determination. Too often I am lacking this anguish, this passion, this determination in my own life. These are things that go through my mind: “It’s just easier to let them go. Who am I to say that they are lost? Is Hell REAL anyway? A ‘loving God’ wouldn’t let anyone go to Hell, would He? They are not interested in what I have to say anyway.”

Those are all lies from the Evil One. If I am going to take Jesus seriously then I know there are eternal consequences for rejecting him. There are BILLIONS of people on this planet living without a clear understanding of the gospel. Jesus was a relentless, optimistic, persistent “FINDER.” Let’s allow His unyielding passion for the lost to fill our hearts again.


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