Who’s Going to Come Up the Mountain?

Mark 3:13-15.  Please read it.

Jesus had already done miracles and taught. He had already called Matthew and collected disciples or followers. But now He’s ready to give authority. Symbolizing that journey of responsibility and accountability Jesus goes up a hill or mountain. There will always be a lot of people willing to follow Jesus in the easy areas of life but who’s going up the mountain?

People are at different levels of their journey or discipleship with Christ. Some being ministered to…and then others who share in the ministry, who have real authority, who are using their gifts and potential that God gave and recognizes in them.

Did you know that basically an “apostle” was someone with the “power of attorney” for the person who designated them? Jesus called disciples and at his departure designated them apostles. Are you a disciple or an apostle? An apostle is just someone who is a disciple and now recognizes the call of God on their life to live it “as Christ’s representative” on this earth.

There will always be people willing to listen and who need the healing Word of God…but they may never “do” anything. They may never go up the mountain or reach their potential or become apostles. But then there will be others who we will have to help them understand that they have been “called out.” We must train them, spend most of our time with them in order to give them real ministry and authority.


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