5 Steps in Praying for the Lost

1. Cultivate genuine concern and love for the lost.  Pray to see people like God sees people.  Christian history is full of men and women whose burning hearts so yearned for the salvation of the lost that they sacrificed health, comfort, and even family to gain for God.

Ask God to impress on you the penalty of rejecting Christ.  As we Christians grow older, our security in the hands of God sometimes does the opposite of what it should do: it leads to a comfortable indifference to the awesome eternity of hell instead of a grateful acknowledgment of our salvation in the form of witnessing.  Ask God to increase your horror of hell and give you a renewed vision of Christ suffering your own judgment.

2. Discover specific persons in your circles of relationship who are lost.  Prayer for the lost should be specific.

3. Pray appropriately and in detail for these people.  Things like:

  • Lord, bring effective witnesses across their paths.
  • Savior, arrange circumstances in their lives so that the details of their lives will point to Christ.
  • Lord, send your Holy Spirit in great power to convict them of their sin.
  • Father, cause them to understand through your Holy Spirit that Jesus is adequate for their salvation from sin.

4. Persist in prayer.

5. Thank God for each step God takes in moving them to salvation.  Regularly thank Him for progress that might not be visible.


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