Repentance is More Important than Attendance

I would love to pastor a large, mega-church. I wouldn’t want to do it to  to feed my ego (which it probably would) but because I love leadership and leadership is all about influence. Theoretically, the more people attending the church I pastor, the larger my influence…theoretically. You have to understand that my prayer every Sunday morning before the service is that God would transform everyone in attendance to become a little more like Jesus, that we would understand fully how much God loves us and how our salvation is dependent on His grace, not our works. Having said that, there are weeks where I leave the property wondering, “Did they get that?  If so, then shouldn’t we be seeing more changed lives!”

At the same time, I’m sure I’m not always obedient to Christ in what the Spirit is telling me I should communicate on a Sunday morning. Maybe I’m limiting the work of the Spirit! Or maybe people come in with closed hearts and minds to God’s voice. Either way, one realization I’ve come to grips with is that I would rather see REPENTANCE than ATTENDANCE. God would not be pleased with me if I gave 1,000 people a good, winsome talk that left no one convicted or with a better understanding of who they are in Christ.


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