Parents…Please set the Agenda for your Children

I’m grieved by how many parents abdicate their responsibility to set the priorities for their children.  Too many parents are listening to the world and to the “easy way” and letting their children decide things that children weren’t meant to decide.  We make our kids go to school, brush their teeth, go to sleep.  We want them to be active in things outside of home and school so we sign them up for athletic teams or lessons to learn an instrument.  Those are all good things…and we do the same thing.  But my goal is never to substitute a good thing for a GREAT or BEST thing.

I would absolutely love it if one of my kids went to college on an athletic scholarship.  But I’m not going to sacrifice their spiritual, relational, and emotional lives to do it.  It might save us money but at what COST?  Say “NO” to any activity that interferes with your child connecting to God or with His Bride (The Church) or with healthy relationships within the family.  I knew a family once with 3 kids and they had practices and games 5 out of 7 nights a week and ate out almost every night.  They ate more in their mini-van then at the dinner table.  That is insane.

So make it the priority for your kids to be at church and other spiritual experiences (church camp is the #1 place where your child can grow closer to God in a short span and make relationships that last a lifetime).  Make it a priority to eat and talk together regularly.  Then you’ll have a lot less regrets.

1 thought on “Parents…Please set the Agenda for your Children

  1. Halee told me this morning that she was glad that she didn’t have soccer practice on Wed. evenings now because it interferred with her Wed. night activities. I was so happy to hear her say so.

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