The Christian Life is like a Drunk Riding a Horse

Martin Luther once wrote that living the Christian life is like a drunk riding a horse.  We keep falling off one side or the other, either into legalism, which chokes the freedom to love by adding unbiblical “obligations” to the Christian life, or into license, which perverts freedom into guilt-free selfishness and a promiscuity to do “what ever.”

True freedom develops in fierce battle between these two polars.  Romans 2:11 (Msg), “Doing things for God is the opposite of entering into what God does for you.”  Gospel freedom means to neither indulge our whims nor keep rules.  Whim-indulgers and rule-keepers are slaves to the corruption within them that demands a satisfaction that Jesus will not provide for us in this life.

God does not free us from sin to keep on sinning so God can keep on forgiving.  But God does want us to live in the freedom of knowing that He will keep on forgiving when we keep on sinning.  Therefore we should focus more on LOVING OTHERS than resisting temptation.  So make every effort to love more, not to sin less.  By doing that we’ll find that we’re sinning less.


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