“No Room For You!”

It’s funny because as a kid hearing the Christmas story I was always angry with the innkeeper who had no room at the inn and said, “No room for you!” to Mary and Joseph and ultimately Jesus.  But it’s probably not fair.  We don’t know how many pilgrims they were already housing or how late Mary/Joseph arrived.

But instead of faulting the innkeeper, who, in his ignorance, that night answered the weary, dust-stained pilgrims with a stern refusal, let us rather turn our thoughts and compassion upon the many who, in the gathered light of these many long centuries streaming from the wondrous Christ, still say to him as he stands knocking at the door of the heart of admittance: “No room for you!”

Advent Isn’t About Something That Happened Long Ago

If advent means “coming” why are we awaiting Jesus’ first coming?  Didn’t He come already?  Yes, we celebrate the wonderful event of Christmas but we also look forward to the coming of the Lord at the end of time.

Advent is not just about something that happened long ago OR only about what will happen sometime in the future.  Jesus is coming to us RIGHT NOW!  Through the Bible, through prayer, through the kindness of others Jesus comes to us as often as we open our hearts to Him.

So while we count the days to 12/25 and look forward to the day Christ will return in glory, let’s NOT WAIT to invite Him into our hearts and homes today, right now.

Lord Jesus, prepare our hearts to receive you, today and every day of our lives.  Amen.