Hey God, It’s Marcus, I Know You Are Good, But What are You Good For?

We want every love story to have a happy ending.  Too many don’t.  God’s does.  It just takes a long time.

Somehow we’ve gotten this idea that if God loves us, bad things won’t happen.  No earthquakes, hurricanes, bad government policies, war, disease, accidents.  There’s a voice that whispers, “Hey God, I know You’re good but tell me again, what are you good for?”

We think, “Because God is love, the abundant life that Jesus promised us means an abundance of blessings NOW, you know, all the GOOD things of life that makes us happy.”  Maybe our understanding of love is all wrong.

Where did we get that idea?

Jesus made it clear that life, real life,–the life he died to give us–centers not on nice homes, happy families, and good health in a safe world with a booming economy.  Rather, Jesus wanted us to know His Father as our Father–in good and bad times–and relating to His Father and everyone else the WAY JESUS DOES–in good and bad times.

Isn’t that what holiness is?  Holiness doesn’t consist of doing good things and not doing bad things.  Holiness is wrapped up in relating deeply with love.

The abundant life Jesus came to give us is (at least for now) an abundance of knowing God as our supreme treasure and relating to Him and others lovingly, not an abundance of material blessings.

What most needs changing is not our circumstances.  Blessings in the short-term may be dangerous to our long-term joy.

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