Hell is a Personal Choice

GK Chesterton wrote, “Hell is God’s great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human choice.”

God is the most generous, loving, wonderful, attractive being in the cosmos. He has made us for a purpose: to relate lovingly to him and to others. We are not accidents, we’re not modified monkeys, we’re not random mistakes. And if we fail over and over again to live for the purpose for which we were made—a purpose, by the way, which would allow us to flourish more than living any other way—then God will have absolutely no choice but to give us what we’ve asked for all along in our lives, which is separation from Him.

If God has given people free will, then there’s no guarantee that everybody’s going to choose to cooperate with him. The option of forcing everyone to go to heaven is immoral, because it’s dehumanizing; it stripes us of the dignity of making our own decision; it denies us our freedom of choice; and it treats us as a means to an end.

God respects human freedom. In fact, it would be unloving to force people to accept heaven and God if they didn’t really want them. When God allows people to say “no” to Him, He actually respects & dignifies them.


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